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[Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
at 7:57am]
...today, everything was silent.

An entire day... nothing but blessed silence.

She is planning something.

Brother, forgive me.
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[Monday, November 15th, 2004
at 12:25pm]
I wish I were somewhere far from here.

Brother, teach me.
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[Monday, November 15th, 2004
at 7:47am]
Zidane, when you said I was not allowed to kill anyone important to you...

Is Blank on that list, and if he is, am I allowed to... torment him a little?

His blood interests me. He has been drained, revived, reconstructed, petrified, given Supersoft, and a number of other things. Petty creature has no idea what power he could possess due to what he has lived through.

I'm sorry, I borrowed some of your memories for my research. I pray you are not upset with me? You may have mine in return, if you wish.

And I did not intrude on anything too private. I think I stopped right when Blank shut the door.

*smile* We hurt the ones we love most. Let me love you, Zidane.

[OOC: Kazzii~ Forgive Kuja! xD I'm a little drugged up from sleep deprivation due to how long my party ran. {From 2:00PM Saturday-8:00PM Sunday. With about three hours of sleep. o_o Whoa, that's 30 hrs of party.} That and he's... a little miffed. Blame Sephiroth. *pointpoint*]
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[Friday, November 12th, 2004
at 6:28pm]
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[Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
at 8:27am]
This is directed at Sephiroth.

It's a pity you gave up on him so easily. Sleeping beauty will never wake now.

...wait, pity? What am I saying? I am perfectly content with my position in the world and my dear brother at my side.

I no longer want him, so you may have him, Sephiroth. May he visit your dreams evermore.

Sleep well, my dear, and sweet dreams.
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[Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
at 7:49am]
Nothing of substance is going on in my life right now. I have retrieved my mirrors from Zidane and sent them back to Ipsen's Castle. Taharka has been revived. ...other than that, life has grown quiet in my brother's company.

Are you missing your friends already, Zidane?
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[Friday, November 5th, 2004
at 7:41am]
Does my bed suit you, Zidane?

I'm sorry it's not larger. It was made only for me, after all.

You will simply have to sleep in my arms, I suppose.

Do you object?

I can always find somewhere else to sleep.
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[Friday, October 29th, 2004
at 5:38pm]
A name came to mind today... I was thinking of Zidane and how beautifully the blue of Terra thrives in his eyes.


The syllables flow from my lips in uniform, as though I have spoken them before. It was a soothing sound. I wonder where I learned it...

But Terra tells me it is of no importance. I will not dwell upon it. But... Sephiroth. It is a very pleasing word.

I must find a powerful Eidolon. Tomorrow, I will seek out Ozma. It is rumored that she holds Dark Matter.

Odin... Sweet deliverer of swift death. Your power will be mine again.
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[Thursday, October 21st, 2004
at 8:09am]
One voice, united. There is no foolishness left in my mind. Scoured clean, bleached, mended.

Soulcage has returned. Mist flows through the world again. Blot out the sun, cast the world into darkness. Spawn monsters, stoke anger. Let us raise banners of war!

It feels wonderful to have my eyes open again.
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[Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
at 8:34am]
sephiroth, please... i miss you. i love...

...what petty, foolishness. I must discontinue this waste of time.
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[Monday, October 18th, 2004
at 7:51am]
I have finally sent Deleo away. It has reached the decline point, where I am more away than home. I spend most of my time drifting these days. The lady left in good spirits, at least I hope she did. I pray she will not grieve. They are correct, after all, for I am nothing more than a shell of a man. A mistake has been made. None of my ambition receives me, only indifference. It does not stop me from being a danger to those around me, but...

Suddenly, I am empty of all hate, all fear. It has allowed my body to completely empty itself of the man it once held. I can only thank Sephiroth for that. He faced me with a truth that gifted me peace.

I will not be able to post again. I no longer have enough lucidity to. I will fade too quickly to gather my thoughts and share them.

I will give your fondest regards to those who have not yet escaped Hell.
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[Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
at 7:51am]
It should have been simple... I shouldn't have allowed him to leave.

I have been spending time with Deleo, teaching him words, games, and songs. I have taught him a little more magic here and there.

I have been thinking much about Sephiroth, and all that he has given me.

But I drifted today, perhaps for the first time. I became detached from the world, from Deleo. I recognized him as my son, but felt no familiarity to him. It will only grow worse, I know. As these episodes grow longer, I will take him somewhere safe, as I promised Sephiroth.

...I cannot stop thinking about yesterday. It was peaceful.
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[Monday, October 11th, 2004
at 7:58am]
I seem to have trapped myself in the past, back in a time where I knew all colors and felt warmth. I think back to everything we have gone through.

The playful teasing, the phobia of stairs I instilled within him. Do you know how many stairs I made your father climb the day you were born, Deleo?We will go count them, someday.

The tender moments we would both adamantly deny happened later. I did my best, that's right, Deleo. I did my best.

Now he wants to take you from me, he wants to control me. No one controls me. No one tells me what I can or cannot do. No one tells me what to do, or when I should do something. I refuse to be controlled ever again.

So perhaps I enjoy the blue of Terra now. I hated it the way a child would hate a food he was fed his entire life. I was sick of it. I hated everything it symbolized, every memory it was attached to. I hated it because it reminded me of Garland, and I hated it because it always hurt to look at.

Now it is more of a nostalgia, reminding me of my past and the path of glory paved. I never asked for Jenova to return to Sephiroth, it is not my fault. You understand, don't you, Deleo? I would never hurt him. I would no more wish that creature upon him than I would wish Garland on myself.

I tried my best for your father, Deleo, please stop fussing. We will fight soon, I know it, and one of us will die. Do you understand what death is? Your papa is afraid to die, that is what the trouble has always been. Please don't whimper so, Deleo, I am not trying to upset you. I only want you to know the truth. He is trying to take you away from me, and at this point it seems you are all I have left. I won't let him take you away from me, not you. Shhh, my child. There is no past any longer, only the future. No, we cannot go home. There is not a home for us any longer. Terra is our home now, Bran Bal is our home. Does the light hurt you to look at as well?

...perhaps you are more Sephiroth's child than my own after all.
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[Monday, October 11th, 2004
at 4:57am]
...how dare you.

My son... to that man.

You will not take him anywhere.

He is as much my son as he is yours.
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[Monday, October 11th, 2004
at 3:57am]
the broken psycheCollapse )
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[Monday, October 11th, 2004
at 3:36am]
I do not understand why everyone is so uptight, especially you, Sephiroth.

Insane? Hardly. I preffer the term 'awakened'. I have awoken after a long and muddled sleep.

I feel as though a part of me torn away has returned.

I've never felt better, quite frankly.

Why all the drama?

And my dear lady, what has gotten into your fair head?

A simple flower girl, the little canary, the summoner child, and a failed Genome protect my own son from me? Forgive me if I laugh at the concept.

But please, feel free to play into my hands. It would make my job much easier.
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[Sunday, October 10th, 2004
at 7:20pm]

There is no possible way-I killed him.


He is dead. He will not return. He will never return.

He is dead.

I am Kuja, I am no soulless creature.

He is dead.

Shut up. I will not listen to you anymore.

He is dead. Dead.

No, no.

The blue light.. it will not stop, the blue.

The light burns again, it burns against my soul.

He is dead, Terra is dead, everything has died. I killed them.

I killed them.

I killed them!

Stay out of my head! SILENCE!

I refuse to listen to you anymore! Go away!

Collapse )

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Because I was not enough of a sheep already. [Friday, October 8th, 2004
at 9:12am]
It is not enough that I do a survey, but it must be the exact same survey everyone else is doing.

Well, here it is.Collapse )
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[Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
at 11:41am]

.....Cloud in drag, please meet explosive laughter.

Dare I say what an improvement Sephiroth is over him?
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[Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
at 9:20am]
Sheep, sheep. I have become a mindless sheep of society. Here is a survey, which is the new fad, apparently. It is not the same as Sephiroth's, however.

Well, here it is.Collapse )
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